MIRIKEL Balance Five

Meal Replacement

BALANCE FIVE is the wisdom (”Wuxing Diet Therapy ”)of the ancient royal medical doctor that has been originated in China for five thousand years. 

It corresponds to five internal organs based on the balance of five elements and has been extended to white, black, green, red and yellow--five colors of foods. It servs to enhance physical strength and supplement necessary nutrients by adopting various natural foods that can supply abundant nutrients to human body.

"Balance Five, Balance Life."


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Product Function
Cutting Calories Intake
Increasing Satiety
Replenishing Necessary Nutrition

Instructions & Specifications


30g*14 sachets

Product Ingredients

Metal: Walnut, almond, radish, gingko

Water: Black sesame, black rice, black soya bean, black glutinous rice

Wood: Lutein, malt, broccoli, mung bean

Fire: Tomato, hawthorn, red dates, raspberry

Earth: plantain seed, organic soy flour, organic oat, brown rice

How to use
Mix one sachet (30g) with 200ml warm water (lower than 60℃), stir well before drinking.
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1. Keep in a cool and dry place.

2. Keep out of reach of children.