MAIONE Youth Awakening Serum

Transcend Time, Rejuvenate Your Skin

MAIONE Youth Awakening Serum

The unique moisturizing and repairing functions of the product make the skin flawless and free from tight. The sift texture refreshes you from greasy feeling. The multiple precious active ingredients help you unlock the Youth secret of flawless skin.

“Soothes sensitive skina”

Main ingredients: Water, Propylene glycol, Caprylyl glycol, Tea leaf extract, Lubrajel, Acetyl Hexapeptide, Jojoba oil, Hydrolyzed collagen, Glutathione

MAIONE Youth Awakening Serum

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Lifting & Firmness

Infuse skin with rich hydrolyzed collagen to bring you back a softer and smoother skin, providing firmness to skin from inside out.

Rehydrating & Moisturizing

The skin friendly Jojoba oil is endowed with high-efficiency hydration ability which can adjust the balance of oil and water to maintain a water retention, shining with silky skin.


Enhance skin resistance, restore skin youthful and beautiful.

Skin Brightening

The multiple active ingredients contained product with various anti-oxidation and whitening energy reflect skin glow and white.

Relieve Skin Sensitivity

The excellent skin care ingredients works effectively to soothe skin vulnerability and sensitivity, sustaining a healthy skin.

Instructions & Specifications


30 ml

How to use

Use twice a day, morning and night. After cleanse your face, evenly apply one to two drops to face and neck and softly massage into skin. For best results use for 28 consecutive days.

Test Report
Product Brochure

This product is suitable for normal skin. Sensitive test shall be conducted first before use for people with sensitive skin. For special constitution, please seek for professional advice.
This product cannot be used simultaneously with cosmetics containing lead, mercury and hormones.