Pioneering / Innovation / Excellence

Corporate Culture


Build a platform that helps people to turn their dreams into reality.Foster an environment where our home is built around love!


Build yourself up to help others, and pass on the flame.Walk through life with love, and learn to never give up.

Business Philosophy
"Product-oriented", the product is the cornerstone of the company, the foundation of YIJIA business is the product; confidence in the business is derived from the love of the product, which is the direction we always adhere to.
Marketing Philosophy
Helping others always comes first, and helping my partners succeed is my greatest achievement.
Brand Philosophy
The invisible determines the visible, and the visible reveals the invisible.
Service Philosophy
Customers are my closest friends and beloved family members; service is the basis of my survival and the guarantee of development.
Team Philosophy
There is no such thing as a perfect individual, only a perfect team.
Execution Philosophy
No excuses, everything is possible.
Saving Philosophy
Earn sales, save net profits.
Promotion Philosophy
Without spreading and sharing, the truth will not shine.
Salary Philosophy
Only results can realize value.
Employment Philosophy
Those who stay are those who can create value for the company.
Growing Philosophy
Learning and studying are the fundamental guarantees of growth.
Working Philosophy
Harder than the hardest working, more attentive than the most attentive.
Working Principle
There is no best, only better! 100-1=0.
Working Style
Do = 0, Done = 100; either positive or negative leverage.
YIJIA Basic Law
No harm to animals, all products are made from natural plant materials.