Underneath the deep blue sea, Poseidon’s daughter, MAIONE was a greatly adored princess. When she was grown up, Poseidon presented two treasures to her: a crown and a magic mirror. MAIONE was so beautiful and charming after putting on the crown, she had become the prettiest mermaid in the underwater world. And later, she found her love, she fell for the human prince. The prince promised that he would spend the rest of his life with MAIONE…

One day, MAIONE met a depressive clownfish who lived a dull life with no friends and confidence because of her ordinary appearance. The kind MAIONE princess decided to help the clownfish to change her life, she presented her crown to the clownfish. The clownfish immediately became beautiful and confident, she got to make a lot of new friends. Standing in front of the mirror, the clownfish looked at her pretty face and she found that everything was given by the princess MAIONE. She could still be so confident though the crown was removed, and she realised the truth of beauty. The clownfish decided to spread the love of MAIONE in order to help others in changing themselves and changing the destiny. Hence, she swam to the seafloor to share the story of MAIONE with her friends, and passed the crown to others to realise their dream of beauty.

However, the princess MAIONE without the crown lost her former beauty, but the prince did not leave her. “You are still beautiful without the crown, I love you not solely because of your pretty appearance, but also because of your kind hearted characteristics,” said the prince. The magic mirror given by Poseidon came into his mind, he brought MAIONE to the front of the mirror and miracle happened. A new crown appeared on the head of Princess MAIONE. She regained her youthfulness and became the prettiest ageless mermaid. She and the prince looked at each other with smile, and they hugged tightly, immersing in the blissfulness and happiness.

However, as time went by, crow’s feet started to appear on the prince’s face. The mermaid princess had obtained the eternal youthfulness, but could the human prince unlock the secret of his eternal youth… (to be continued)